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Wild Fires Gone

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Wild fires are out in Mendocino County!

The Coast was clear throughout the long ordeal that began on the summer solstice. We drove through Mendocino County’s wine country and it is beautiful. Along Highway 128 and our other major roads, the vines are vigorous and healthy and there is no visible damage to the forests which frame the vineyards. Many people who planned an extensive California trip canceled due to road closings throughout the State. We are happy to report Highway 1 is open along the entire California Coast, now that fires are no longer threatening Big Sur in Monterey County.

Just a reminder, Mendocino Village remains one of the United State’s iconic small towns. Many of our guests feel like they are “coming home” when they visit, even when they haven’t been here before. (Perhaps this is in part because the village was Jessica Fletcher’s hometown in Murder She Wrote.)

Visitors to the village at this time of the year drop by the Mendocino Art Center for Tuesday “potlucks” that feature an evening of food, conversation and most importantly a presentation by a selected instructor in the Art Center’s summer program. http://www.mendocinoartcenter.org/

If you are in the area, check out the Mendocino Music Festival with performances held in a huge tent on the headlands, just in front of Mendocino’s Main Street. http://www.mendocinomusic.com/

The summer is a wonderful time to explore California’s formerly developed, but today on the State’s last undeveloped estuaries, Big River Estuary.


Harbor seals follow canoes and kayaks up river. On dark nights the phosphorescent algae is amazing giving the sense of stars below the boat as well as above.

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