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Wild Fires Abating!

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Ten days ago a “dry” thunderstorm moved over much of Northern California creating more 1000 wildfires, many in Mendocino County.

While Mendocino’s “Coast is Clear” has been true the last ten days, many of our neighbors have been beset by smoke and fires. My assistant and our head of projects (building and maintenance) Ryan Rhoades has been off fighting fires until yesterday when we desperately needed him help to put on a large wedding. Ryan reports that the fires across the County have abated as has the smoke in inland valleys. We are happy to report that our partners from Willits through Ukiah and Hopland and into Anderson Valley never closed and are ready to welcome visitors to this incredible County. Tasting rooms and State Parks are open.

It has been a hard time for inland residents. We are concerned for them. Many depend on the summer for much of their income – innkeepers, as well as their staffs, and the staffs of restaurants, tasting rooms and other service businesses.

Our sympathies go out to all who have been impacted by the fires. We want to encourage readers of this posting to explore Mendocino County, stay with our inland partners and get to know our wonderful vintners and their wines, beautiful parks and wild lands. (Written by Jeff Stanford)

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