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Hello there!

My name is Monica DiLeo, I’m a rising junior at Yale University in New Haven, CT. For two months this summer I’ll be living and working at the Stanford Inn, and writing about all of it on this blog!

Pear orchard

Getting really excited about a pear orchard in Connecticut

It’s my first time being on the West Coast for more than a couple days, and I couldn’t be happier to experience it at the Inn. I’m majoring in Environmental Studies, with a concentration in Food and Agriculture, and one of the reasons I came out to intern at the Stanford Inn is because their mission so closely aligns with that of my studies: to live a mindful life that strives to maximize environmental and personal health. One of the questions I concern myself most with is how to feed the world in a sustainable manner that will provide enough for future generations. Being vegan, something the Inn is committed to, can be a vital step in sustainable food production, and growing one’s own food, as the garden does for the kitchen here, is also great for our bodies and minds.

While I’m here as an intern, I’ll be exploring all facets of the Inn: working in the biointensive farm and garden, exploring Catch a Canoe, learning how to make vegan meals and desserts in The Ravens’ kitchen, and seeing how the Inn runs from day to day at the front desk.

On my blog you’ll find pictures and stories from my time here, and my take on life at The Stanford Inn. At this moment, I’m sitting in the hotel lobby, the buzz of the front desk’s daily activities behind me as guests meander through the selection of books and gifts on sale, while calming folk music plays in the background. And when I need a break from writing all I need to do is look out the window to my left, past the vibrant pinks and leafy greens of the gardens, past the silky brown and speckled white horses calmly grazing in their pasture, and see the deep blue ocean melting into the haze as it meets the expanse of the Mendocino sky.


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