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Time Wears

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On the road last Saturday, we were listening to a program on human aging and possible new technologies for living longer broadcast on NPR or CBC Radio 1. One commentator noted that “time wears out everything.”

That is not true.

Think about the nature of experience: What we experience might be different, but the nature of experiencing is not. I can remember experiences and the feeling of experiencing from 2 years-old onward.  The nature of experiencing is the same. The content of my experience changes and for that matter my experience of myself changes – Now it hurts to walk barefoot outdoors, while I never wanted to wear shoes when I was little.

Time does not wear out experiencing. Yet experiencing is an essential aspect of time and does not suffer the effects of time. It does not wear out. Our feet grow sensitive and sore over time. The pebbles which irritate our soles  become dust. Experiencing continues.

I wonder if we are not of time, are we then time itself – containing all that emerges, expresses, recedes. For with time there is experience. Time and experience are inseparable – each an expression of the other.

And when we realize we are time itself, time stops. There’s no longer experience. There is only nothing: the void that is not knowable: The Void  from which we arise and for which there are many names.

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