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The Holidays!

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Thanksgiving and now Christmas have passed. The New Year is less than a week away. Yes, we have been busy. Immediately following the Day of the Dead celebration, we decorated for the holidays. Even as early as Thanksgiving, guests enjoy the greenery and color. Also, the Candlelight Inn tour follows Thanksgiving and we have to have the buildings lit, trees up and adorned, wreathes on every door and one tall tree lit behind the Inn.

In spite of the economy, we have much to be thankful for. First, our kids have been able to come home to celebrate the holidays with us. They came for Thanksgiving and they are here, now, for the Christmas holidays. Our guests have been fantastic, many writing and sending blessings and good wishes. And for those of you who have been following Gypsy’s progress, he is doing fantastically.

We have two trees – one each in the two main rooms of our lobby-


Here are carolers from Mendocino High School during the Candlelight Inn Tour -


Here’s the tree situated so that we can see it from the front desks!

We have noticed a significant change this year…. the Holiday cards we have received are not simply signed. Almost all have personal messages – expressing more than a history of the writers, but significantly messages about friendship, love, family, ethical living. Compared the cards received other years, there is a marked resurgence of spirituality. So many are amazing and the writers’ wonderful.

Our own card was different from previous versions. For the first time 22 years we have a card with art work not created by either Alex or Kate. This year, Aurora Schneider, whose parents have worked with us over the last eight years produced a drawing that we used for the Inn’s card.


Happy Boxing Day –

All of us here wish for everyone a wonderful holiday and a New Year of growth, wealth, and health.

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