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Twelve Pit Bulls and The Stanford Inn

Twelve Pit Bulls and The Stanford Inn

Yesterday I had the chance to sit down with Monica Mankinen of Daisy Davis Pit Bull Rescue, a truly inspiring woman, and hear the story of how she rescued 11 Pit Bull puppies and one mama along with the help of The Stanford Inn and the entire community. It all started when Monica, who runs Daisy…

Life Goes On…..

We have had a series of small miracles. It is so beautiful here, the depths of greens the thousands of blooming plants – the shapes and textures. The joy of animals running through the grounds, of birds circling over the gardens and of our guests who find themselves surrounded in beauty. All of this is…

Keeping Christmas throughout the Year

It is one our coldest nights this year, it’s late and two raccoons, a mother and her baby, who visit every night, are watching us – or that is our dogs, Gypsy and Murphy who are intently watching them. The stare-off reminds us of our love for animals. We contribute to their wellbeing by not…