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Stay at the Stanford Inn by the Sea at Mendocino

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When crunchy granola types win big in a tech IPO, they stay at the Stanford Inn by the Sea at Mendocino. Stanford Inn is more a resort than a simple inn, and its expensive, but mostly worth every penny.

There is a 4-star all vegan restaurant, a secluded spa, and warmed pool with sauna and hot tub. You can walk through the large vegetable and flower garden that provides the ingredients for the 4-star menu (when you think steak – think portabella). All the rooms are richly furnished and built with very nice wood. There is a fire place in every room, and the maids actually “build” the fire place for you every day, so all you have to do is light a match. There is wireless internet in every room, and the best terry cloth bathrobes I’ve ever used (beats the Ritz, hands down – its soft in the inside, silky on the outside).

Pets are more than welcome. About half the visitors seem to bring their cats or dogs. There are dogs and cats roaming the grounds.

Since you are already plunking down at least 3 benjamins for a room here, plunk down one more, and stay in the “Barnyard Suite“. It’s a suite that is separate from the rest of the complex, and is half the first floor of the hotel owner’s barnyard house. It’s larger than most San Francisco apartments, and has a full kitchen and room for a whole family to stretch out.

- Yahoo Review of Stanford Inn, a Mendocino Hotel + Bed and Breakfast

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