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This is Meditation

This is Meditation

Meditation is to see, observe the coincidences, the flow, the pattern of mind, for mind is all there is. We perceive with mind; mind perceives itself. To understand it, to literally get it requires observation. This is meditation.

Multiple Sclerosis on a Lark

Jeff Stanford 2012

Recently someone came to me frustrated that he could not get friends to see that they are damaging their lives due to alcohol and drugs. I told him, “We see this all the time. It’s not just drugs; it’s also illness. Sick people are often unwilling to make changes that might bring them health –…

Pushbacks – Non-Vegan “Options” at a Vegan Restaurant: Misunderstanding our Mission

We have had a lot of push-back and negative reviews regarding the inn and Ravens Restaurant because we are vegan. One of the foremost issues raised is that we don’t provide non-vegan options -  animal products. The issue for us is ethical, not financial and if diners or inn guests don’t want to eat meals…

Passions of the Innkeepers

It has been a while since I posted to this Blog. Today, I want to revisit the Inn – and to write about the Inn is inevitably to write about ourselves. Joan and I have poured our lives into this place. It is not a sacrifice – although our kids in a pique might say…

Time Wears

On the road last Saturday, we were listening to a program on human aging and possible new technologies for living longer broadcast on NPR or CBC Radio 1. One commentator noted that “time wears out everything.” That is not true. Think about the nature of experience: What we experience might be different, but the nature…