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Slow Food and Conscious Tourism

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We are members of the Slow Food Movement which is dedicated to enjoying “the pleasure which this world can give.” This is not a simple concept — for pleasure is found in balance, in working with nature, respecting bio-diversity, local cultural heritage and practice. Beyond this the Slow Food Movement respects distant cultures and heritage. For example, many of us drink coffee, which has long been a part of Western culture, but does not grow in Northern California. In respect of the traditional cultures where coffee is grown, we specify fair trade, organic coffees for our blends.

When we first opened the Ravens, we created a “trademark,” – Inspired by our Certified Organic Gardens -. We were also inspired by locally crafted and harvested foods including sea palm, wild mushrooms, and foraged foods such as miner’s lettuce, huckleberries, and blackberries.

What we have learned over the years is that what matters are the small decisions in the purchasing and preparing food: which oils to use, what produce, spices and herbs. We carefully select only the finest, healthful organic ingredients. We are dedicated to creating cuisine based on seasonal regional ingredients and basing our flavors on organic herbs grown here. THis is an important aspect of Slow Food.

But this concept cannot end in the kitchen, but must be represented in every aspect of what we do. We continue to reexamine all that we do including all the products we use in order to present to our guests and Inn experience based on a series of small decisions, each in line with what is best for guests and for the environment. Long ago we discovered that these are mutually inclusive goals.

We thank you for respecting this work.

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