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Scooter and Storm

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There’s something instantly calming about petting a horse. It’s the same way with dogs for me; I had a yoga teacher back in New Haven that had us match our breathing to the pace of petting a dog or cat we loved during savasana, which I still often do on my own. She called it the “loving breath.”


Here at the inn, we have two horses, Storm and Scooter, in addition to a few llamas and miniature donkeys. One sunny morning, I was eating breakfast with Michelle, who works at the bar and in the gardens at the inn (she has many talents), and she mentioned she was going to go out and brush the horses. I, of course, grabbed my camera and joined her!



My parents and I have been going on vacation to Vermont (I’m originally from Connecticut) for as long as I can remember, and my mom and I often go for trail rides there. The first time we tried to go I was a little too little and had a fear of heights. As you can imagine, my first ride was a bit traumatic. But since then I’ve certainly grown out of my fear of horses and really enjoy being around them.


I think Scooter totally looks like he’s smiling here, right?


As wonderful as brushing the bristled silk of a horse’s hair coat is, even being around the creatures just makes me feel peaceful. There’s some ineffable quality to them. Their strong, sturdy frames, visible under the surfaces of their coats; the calm way they meander around their pasture, flirting with you and each other.



I don’t think I’d ever seen blue eyes on a horse until I met Storm. It’s striking, the contrast between the clear blues of his irises and the majestic off-white covering his body. I think Storm in particular took a liking to me; every time I would stop petting him he would come up behind me and wrap his head around my shoulder.


You could tell they really loved the human attention and affection, and I definitely want to make visiting them a regular occurrence. I don’t know when I’ll have two sweet horses just a few minutes’ walk away again after I leave here, and like everything else I’m getting the chance to experience here, I want to make the most of it.

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And some horse kisses for good measure:



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