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Pushbacks – Non-Vegan “Options” at a Vegan Restaurant: Misunderstanding our Mission

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We have had a lot of push-back and negative reviews regarding the inn and Ravens Restaurant because we are vegan. One of the foremost issues raised is that we don’t provide non-vegan options -  animal products. The issue for us is ethical, not financial and if diners or inn guests don’t want to eat meals here, that is their choice. They do not have to eat here.

We treat our guests as family and friends. We do not serve non-vegan options to them and they do not ask us to trounce our beliefs.

The essence of eating anything is ultimately spiritual. Our food choices significantly affect other beings, animal and plant, and the environment. These choices are better mediated through deep personal exploration. In this one can be truthful – like: “I really like steak; it makes me feel good. And I am a better person when I feel good, and if the cow will have to make a sacrifice, so be it.” The only rationalization is circular back to one’s preferences. It is essentially, “I feel better about myself when I feel good, which I do when I eat steak.” There is no argument concerning land-use, cruelty, GMO’s and the like. As a spiritual issue whether or not to eat meat is an existential choice. Before approving or denying, we need to go deeply into ourselves – without judgment, very tough to do.

This is becoming mindful.

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Bernadette PowellJanuary 11, 2015 at 8:27 pmReply

I am not a vegan but was totally happy to experiment while staying at the Inn. I applaud you for your position and hope others can see that their food preferences don’t have to dominate their life, that they can try something new. I had dinner, breakfast and tea at the Inn and all were delicious. I was frankly amazed by how good the vegan ice cream and butter were. Thank you.