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It’s funny how being away from home is. I never miss my family or friends while I’m doing the mundane activities that are part of the routine of any place, no matter how spectacular that place may be. Instead it’s the remarkable that makes me wish they were here most.


This is my Paradise. Looks pretty blissful, right? This is the Mendocino Headlands. Less than a mile from the inn and only blocks away from the center of town, being here is enough to make you wonder if your eyes are working properly, if anything could possibly be this beautiful, if you’ve ever before felt so alive.


The air here isn’t salty like the ocean air that I know from the beaches lining the Jersey Shore, but it’s refreshing. It’s almost as if the earth is breathing into you with each gust of the persistent sea breeze, gently drawing you into the present moment. It opens your eyes; it fills your lungs until they can’t possibly hold any more of your newfound vitality.


But with this exuberance also comes peace. The sandy paths guide you unhurriedly above the coast. Yellow, purple, and white wildflowers gently graze your legs, smiling to themselves as they tickle each and every visitor.


Here you’ll find no wide open sand beaches chock full of out-of-towners slathering up in tanning oil, packed in like sardines. Instead the land meets the ocean with a sharp drop. Rocky islands linger close to shore, as the ocean carves its own path through the immovable stone. Seagulls abound, their beachy calls playing in an intricate symphony, accompanied by the howling of the breeze, the waves dancing around the rocks, and the squish squish squish of your sandals on the sandy path.


It’s this place that makes me most aware of how lucky I am to be spending time here, and also of how quickly the days are passing me by. But at the same time, it’s also this place that makes me miss all of the people I love.


Being here makes me wish I could share this with them. I want them, too, to marvel in the peaceful euphoria that pictures will never capture, and I will never be able to properly describe upon my return.


But, until I can finally get some of them out here, I suppose this beautiful view, accompanied by some great new friends, will be more than enough for me.


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