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Mushroom Season is Coming! – Mushroom Ecotouring

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The first day of fall and we are looking forward to the coming change in seasons more than a month away – usually beginning at the end of October.

Joan and I remember many Halloweens walking along Mendocino’s streets with our neighbors and then standing on the sidewalk as our kids trick or treated at front doors while we were pelted by raindrops. The first rain! The end of the Mendocino Coast’s long seasonal drought. This rain is the harbinger of Mendocino’s great bounty: wild mushrooms. The virtually pop out of the forest floor days after the first rain.

Mendocino County celebrates the beginning or rains and mushroom season with the Mushroom Festival which is now a part of Mendocino County’s “Eco-Fest” and our Eco Tourism program.

The Ravens’ restaurant celebrates the season with a special tasting menu based on Mendocino’s wild mushrooms from porcini and boletes to chanterelles and candy caps. Candy caps are small mushrooms with an incredibly intense sweet maple syrup flavor.

On November 15th, Ryane Snow PhD, an expert on mushrooms, will lead a Mushroom Workshop beginning with a seminar on identification and handling local species in the Big River Room followed by a foraging walk through the forest. After returning to the Stanford Inn, participants will experience a cooking demonstration and mushroom tasting.

- all of this for $45!

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