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Violence, Mouse Abuse and VH1 – MTV

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This morning, some of our staff turned on VH1 for background music. I walked in when Criss Angel was introducing Ozzy Osbourne during the Rock Honors Awards show. He carried a small terrarium with a white mouse exploring his plastic house. Angel reached in grabbed the mouse, put it to his mouth and bit the mouse’s head off. He spit the head across the stage. The audience roared. What was left of the mouse hung lifelessly in Angel’s hand.

We checked the internet and there were different people’s reaction to this act – some believe it had to be an illusion. We believe it should not have been aired at all – if it is a joke, no one seems to be in on it.

We were appalled. We called Direct TV who provides TV for the Inn and had VH1 and its parent station MTV removed from the stations the Inn provides its guests, replacing them with National Geographic and a Discovery Channel.

We believe that there is enough violence in the world and we don’t want to encourage it and sacrificing a helpless and totally dependent creature is encouraging violence. Specifically, we all should be grossed-out by a mouse’s decapitation – a mouse totally dependent on it handler – on one of us.

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