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Mendocino Center #1

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It is a month since I last wrote – a long, eventful month. We have been busy with a variety projects. One of the newest is the creation of the Mendocino Center.

Here’s an introduction:

- Mendocino is a natural center for healing. For generations, people have come to Mendocino for its breathtaking natural beauty, organic food and wine…and ultimately the powerful energy and resources for wellness that energize people to renew their lives.

We came to Mendocino to do innkeeping, looking on it as a family business which could provide a living in one of the most beautiful places in the world. But we got more than we expected. The land changed us: we realized that we could live more gently. Loving animals, we quit eating them. We adopted sustainable practices for landscaping and in areas that had been neglected, we created edible, organic gardens; and we adopted other vocations. Joan commuted to Sonoma State to become first a Montessori instructor and later a board certified art therapist. I became involved in energy work – earth and human – and later was ordained a minister. In the meantime, we sought to create a context for visitors to experience what we experienced here as well as offer wellness services.

We began health supporting therapeutic massage and yoga in 1991. In 1996, Jack Schwarz founder of the human potential movement in the United States brought Aletheia Institute to the Inn. Jack was a healer, philosopher, naturopath, and educator who sought the integration of body, brain/mind and spirit. Jack was an exceptional human being who passed-on in 2000. Since then we have continued to seek to provide residents and our guests a central base for all things oriented to wellness. Now we are working with the best minds and talent in medical, alternative and spiritual healing in Mendocino to expand this vision.

Mendocino Center is the working name for this group of local practitioners of life enhancing programs: tai chi, Chinese herbal medicine, breath work, art exploration, acupuncture, yoga, energy medicine, massage, community ritual as well as traditional medicinal practices such as psychiatry, allopathic medicine, and much more. These practitioners do not necessarily practice here. For example, Cathy Van Camp offers Watsu (aquatic) massage five miles from the Inn. Ron and Toni Nadeau operate Spirit House, a center for environmental, community and personal ritual between Mendocino and Fort Bragg.

Mendocino Center has two components – the clinical practice of the individual practitioners and their wellness practices designed to enhance and enliven life for individuals who are looking for experience in practices from art expression to yoga. At the Inn we are concerned with the second – life enhancement. Since many of the individual programs are located on the property guests have an opportunity to experience programs that enhance their lives – increasing their awareness: Programs that are intended to help make one’s life more mindful.

More on this later!

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