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We have had a series of small miracles.

It is so beautiful here, the depths of greens the thousands of blooming plants – the shapes and textures. The joy of animals running through the grounds, of birds circling over the gardens and of our guests who find themselves surrounded in beauty. All of this is miraculous to me.

I was stunned by Cardy’s death, though expected and natural. I did not experience the beauty here then. Yet, while speaking with guests a couple of days ago about sustainable lifestyles, I found myself suddenly and ecstatically in the moment of the beauty here. Nothing theoretical. No thought – just magnificence – the magnificence of beauty, of nature – and of the people I was with who didn’t notice. All beautiful!

Can Do, Can Too, and Can So, three 9 month old baby llama boys came to join our older llamas and horses this week. They are stunning. And this picture does not do them justice:

It is wonderful to have young llamas again and we hope that they get the older llamas more intensely interested in life. At this point, the older llamas are pretending the three boys don’t exist.

The three llamas have reminded all of us of the miracle of life – of birth… and, of course, death.

Houston is back! Many of you who know us and have been to the Inn probably met Houston a tabby cat with white paws who appeared here about 1992, jumping on the back of Matt Jenks, wrapping herself around his neck. I was interviewing Matt for a summer job at Catch A Canoe. Houston arrived here on the same day one of our favorite cats was killed on Highway 1.

This past weekend, Houston found Dana who was en route to the East Bay and who named her Clover. Clover was a stray in a gas station in Cloverdale. Dana is director of the nurseries and assistant manager of the Inn and she didn’t mention that Clover might be Houston – reincarnated, a phenomenon we have experienced here, before. I walked into the room Clover was staying in yesterday and was overwhelmed by her “Houston-ness” and I was not expecting anything. It was the behavior, the energy of the cat. I mentioned this to Dana and Dana noted that Clover has the tendency to wrap herself around your neck. Before walking into that room, had no idea that this cat was Houston, returned


Some of you may not believe in reincarnation. And that’s all right, of course. I believe that animals particularly horses, cats and dogs are manifestations of spirit helpers, or guides. They love us usually without condition, they help heal us, they carry us, and they sacrifice their lives for us.

(Pictured are Clover and Zack.)

The week has been one of miracles that bring meaning and joy.


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