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Inn’s Kate Frey Wins Gold for Fetzer Vineyards

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This spring, master gardener Kate Frey took a six week leave of absence from the Inn to create Fetzer Winery’s sustainable wildflower garden at London’s annual Chelsea Garden Show. She was awarded gold!

Until last year when Fetzer Winery’s owners closed it, Kate ran Fetzer’s Valley Oak Gardens. Kate is also a superior garden designer and lectures on gardening throughout Northern California.

Kate emailed from England: “People, said over and over, ‘now this is the people’s garden- not like those fancy things across the road.’ ‘It is so uplifting’ and ‘it invites one in to supper.’ ‘I feel like crying,’ ‘This is my favorite, and your last garden was my favorite also.’ ‘So different than those depressing blues and purples’ and ‘I saw it on the telly (TV) last night and I rushed in to see it.’”

She continued, “Natures bright colors, the artlessness of the flowers, the naturalistic aspect, the fact all the plants were weeds or wildflowers, but perhaps most of all, the spirit that the team created manifested itself as a place that peoples hearts could enter and walk the path, and participate in the glorious atmosphere.”

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