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Happy New Year – and an update on Vada.

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On November 19th I wrote about the shooting of Vada Vasquez in the South Bronx. For those who read this entry, please note that our daughter reports that she made a great recovery and was home for the holidays.

I apologize for not writing for the past couple of months and especially for not letting readers know that Vada was able to go home.

We have been taking care of Gypsy. His arthritis flared up and he fell hurting himself in middle of November and we have not been able to get him to the Inn and we are spending much more time at home, helping him up and walk outside. He’s vegan – we know that helps. But he does not tolerate NSAIDs, including aspirin, ibuprofen, Rimadyl. Today we are adding turmeric to his repertoire of seaweed, Traumheel, peony and licorice, cetyl myristoleate, etc.

We’ll keep you informed – please wish him well. And we wish you a wonderful New Year!

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