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Gypsy is fat!

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A short update: Gypsy is gaining weight, too much weight.

We have been feeding Gypsy his normal diet of kibble, PLUS 1- 2 rolls of nori (vegan sushi roll) – about 8 pieces per roll, PLUS the occasional sea palm strudel – about a ¼ serving. Gypsy seemed to be able to take this additional volume without gaining weight. We discussed this – “is he using the additional calories for healing?”
“Is he still sick?”
“Are we walking him too much? He still isn’t bounding up the stairs.”

While we thought about it, Gypsy slowly filled out and now he is definitely heavy as is Murphy who at only four years needs more exercise. Today, the sea palm and nori diet remain and we have cut back the kibble for both Gypsy and Murphy.

More than 10 weeks have passed since Gypsy was sent home for us to say goodbye. Every day he reminds us that life is precious, wonderful and ultimately mysterious.

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This article was written by stanford