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Gypsy, arthritis and acupuncture

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Gypsy barely got up. I helped him to the stairs. Before reaching the first step down to the living room, he collapsed, jammed in the stairway. We got him down the stairs. He was in pain and I immediately checked his mouth to see if his gum was pale or that when I pushed against the bone, if the blood returned. No obvious sign of hemorrhaging.

He had been on low doses of aspirin since he hurt himself a month ago. Feeling better and better just before coming-up lame on Monday, he had been bouncing around the Inn and following Dana when she carried food upstairs to the offices. (Dana is the head of Big River Nurseries, the Stanford Inn by the Sea’s California Certified Organic Farm).

Gypsy quickly “healed” by giving him a full aspirin tablet each morning and night, but his energy level remained low. Yesterday, Joan took him to Karen Novak, a wonderful veterinarian and animal acupuncturist. Karen found that Gypsy was anemic and told us to take him off the aspirin and then performed acupuncture. Today, Gypsy has noticeably more energy and only evidences pain getting up and laying down.

When Gypsy collapsed Monday, we worried that the cancer which had attacked him last August might have returned. The fact that aspirin eliminated the symptoms suggested that the pain was from ligament damage, arthritis or some other cause of joint inflammation. Karen’s acupuncture treatment suggested to her that he was suffering from inflammation in his hip.

He is laying beside me and just woke-up. A couple of other things: he is hungry, happy and remains intensely curious.

Fluffy: Unfortunately most of last month we were also dealing with Fluffy our nineteen year old cat who grew progressively weaker and there was nothing that we could do for him other than hydrate and feed him baby food. Joan was particularly close to this cat, and so, too, Gypsy and another cat – Ginger Cat. Saturday, before Gypsy became lame, Fluffy died. We buried him in the garden and later that afternoon, Ginger Cat was rolling over the grave.

Tonight Ginger Cat is in the Barn. While he was grieving he would not come in.


This article was written by stanford