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Eco Tourism – Green-Washing

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A group of international writers who specialize in “green” visited our Inn this week. These were knowledgeable and interesting men and women from England, France, Germany, Holland, Korea, China and Australia. The writer from the U.K. was particularly astute, questioning a statistic I through out from memory which was incorrect. I appreciate critical thinking – challenging inquiry.

What I learned is that much of their work is to identify legitimate green enterprises. Many people are moving toward sustainability – and others simply create a veneer of green. But as I have gone deeply into this, I have learned that what we choose to eat has the greatest impact on the environment and that any “green” action is of little significance – in itself is “green washing” without combines with the effective action of eating a vegan, whole foods diet.

I very much hope that one or more of these writers advocate a truly green lifestyle based on a vegan diet.


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