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Easing In

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We have been easing back into the stream of work – or at least Joan has. I have been spending my days and evenings at the Inn, which is on the same property. It is Saturday evening and Gypsy is resting on the floor facing the door. Kate and Joan have gone out and he misses them.

We are continuing the log of his meals and outings. What is not reflected on this log is his attitude and the extent of his appetite. On his walk, he trots along the road, once he has checked out every trace of other dogs, raccoons, skunks and opossums. And he is hungry – no question that his appetite has returned.

There have been no accidents. He is looking at me, now, as I type.

We are continuing providing 1000 mg 2X daily of Yunnan Baiyoa as prescribed at Animal Care Center and recommended by our local veterinarian Karen Novak. Other than this, Gypsy’s only other “treatment” is a fotomaki roll, “nori” or “sushi,” which he loves. We embed the Yunnan Baiyoa in the slices. The brown seaweed covering the roll provides sodium alginate which which bonds with such toxins as the cancer causing solvent trichloroethylene and heavy metals such as strontium enabling them to be eliminated from the body.

Wish him well.

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