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Dogs, weddings, and dinners

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Gypsy – It has been almost two weeks since the last entry. To begin, Gypsy is doing very well. He runs and plays with guests’ dogs as well as Murphy. He shows no adverse signs in spite of his diagnosis. His hair is regrowing where he was shaved for intravenous support and for the many sonograms he received three weeks ago.

We are continuing to feed him the “nori rolls” that provide brown seaweed as well as capsules of dried algae. Having him back in our lives is wonderful. Murphy, our lab-cross again has her companion, her playmate, her teacher. Gypsy is first a dog – he enjoys all the smells. A skunk resides in a corrugated drain and he traces the skunk’s nocturnal wanderings each morning. He prances up the driveway checking out each of the spots our guests’ dogs have left messages. It is a fantastically slow, joyful process walking to work.

– The Inn hosts many weddings and I preside over many of them. I continue to be amazed by the joy of the couples I am joining in marriage who have finally been allowed to marry following the California Supreme Court decision. Since I wrote about our first same-sex wedding, I have presided over three more as well as conventional weddings. Tomorrow there are two – one between two former staff persons and another between two wonderful guests. I consider officiating an honor and a responsibility.

Raw Food
– This week Barry Horton, our chef, expanded the menu adding a raw lasagna that received incredible reviews from participants at the Vibrant Living Expo. The dish features thin slices of zucchini (replacing lasagna noodles) with layers of heirloom tomatoes (ours are grown in our greenhouses and are full of flavor!), a raw marinara sauce, and vegan raw, nut based “cheese”. Vibrant Living Expo is an annual event hosted by Cherie Soria’s Living Light Institute in Fort Bragg. Every year Barry creates a special menu to honor Cherie’s work. His raw lasagna is awesome.

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