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Gypsy is fat!

A short update: Gypsy is gaining weight, too much weight. We have been feeding Gypsy his normal diet of kibble, PLUS 1- 2 rolls of nori (vegan sushi roll) – about 8 pieces per roll, PLUS the occasional sea palm strudel – about a ¼ serving. Gypsy seemed to be able to take this additional…

Mushroom Season is Coming! – Mushroom Ecotouring

The first day of fall and we are looking forward to the coming change in seasons more than a month away – usually beginning at the end of October. Joan and I remember many Halloweens walking along Mendocino’s streets with our neighbors and then standing on the sidewalk as our kids trick or treated at…

Keeping Christmas throughout the Year

It is one our coldest nights this year, it’s late and two raccoons, a mother and her baby, who visit every night, are watching us – or that is our dogs, Gypsy and Murphy who are intently watching them. The stare-off reminds us of our love for animals. We contribute to their wellbeing by not…

Slow Food and Conscious Tourism

We are members of the Slow Food Movement which is dedicated to enjoying “the pleasure which this world can give.” This is not a simple concept — for pleasure is found in balance, in working with nature, respecting bio-diversity, local cultural heritage and practice. Beyond this the Slow Food Movement respects distant cultures and heritage….