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Cardy 1974-2009

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Cardy died last Thursday, She was surrounded by those who loved her: Dana, Skye and Ryan caressed her while Mark, Barney, Mark’s dog, and I watched. Mark, his wife and dogs are regular guests and had returned to the Inn the night before. Mark has always felt a special connection with Cardy and happened to be walking Barney to say hello to her, when he came upon us.

Since the last post, Cardy had a few good days. She hung out by an apple tree which she could lean on or spent time with the other horses adjacent to her paddock. She quit trotting away from me, when I quit serving her bute which did not seem to provide relief. Cardy ate, but it was clear that she was weak and early Thursday afternoon, she lay down and could not get up. Cardy left us with a gentle wind.

Later that afternoon Dana brought me a bird’s nest which had fallen out of a tree. It was empty, of course. It was constructed in part with Cardy’s hair, which Dana had combed out more than a month before. Birds collected her hair to create a soft bed for their broods. We need no reminders: Cardy is a gentle and attentive being, a horse who like most horses is so much more than what we normally expect of a horse. Guests related to her, were concerned about her.

Cardy was brought here to die, but she lived nearly six years longer than her previous owners most likely expected. She loved watching guests and their dogs and perhaps the always changing flow of people as well as Scooter, Storm and Badger – the other horses here invigorated her life.


This article was written by stanford