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I haven’t posted consistently but I doubt that anyone reads this.

Writing for myself in a public forum is silly. There are a variety of topics besides our smooth collie mix’s experience with cancer that I believed were worth exploring from “mindfulness” that I believe underlies eco-tourism to specific commentary regarding such events as Halloween’s Dia de los Muertes.

In any case, I will write occasionally, exploring subjects that aren’t personal but that I feel might be interesting to someone other than myself. For years, I have kept a journal and I will continue to use it for those topics that are personal, close to my heart, those having to do with family and the energy work that I do. By the way, energy work is not necessarily special. We all do energy work: we do energy work every time we focus on something, work on something. Wherever we put our attention, energy flows. The more focused, the more energy. The greater one’s excitement about whatever it is that he or she is attending to, for example, the work that one does, the more powerful the energy. Using electromagnetic waves as an analogy, healing energy can be said to be within a specific frequency range – and the amplitude is the power behind the frequency. Amplitude is the voltage. Like our electic power which operates at 60 hertz – cycles per second. The voltage could 12, 120, 240 volts. Amplitude is a measure of excitement.

An interesting aspect of amplitude in energy work is that one cannot willfully power-up. Excitement in healing is much more subtle than, say, being excited to be able to play in a baseball game and therefore swinging the bat harder. In healing, one can be excited about the work but the amplitude may not be exceptionally high – one might be working at 12 volts. How does one power-up? Through caring, through love – this is a special excitement. Care raises voltage, raises it significantly. The care that I am writing about is not about the healer. It is about the being – it is not, for example, about wanting to heal a pet so that he can remain in one’s life. It is wanting to help heal a dog, a friend, someone else’s friend, an unknown person. The connection necessary is only that someone cares to ask for help. That is all it is. And it is helpful to not need to succeed for any being other than that person, that dog, that situation, that whatever that needs to function better, that needs healing. Specifically, the outcome is not about the intermediary – the so called healer – whether or not he or she is successful.

Until another time.

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