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An issue of feathers

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We advertise in VegNews Magazine which advocates a vegan lifestyle. Sometimes our association with VegNews is a source of problems for some of their readers. Our guests and potential guests should know that the Inn reflects that we have not been vegan our entire lives.

Last week, spurred by one of their readers, a staff member of VegNews called to ask if we could remove down products for those readers who are vegan. “Of course!” we answered. But this brings us to an essential issue: what to do with existing animal products once we decided to not buy such products.

We believe it is irresponsible to not completely use the products we already have. It is difficult and unethical to just trash clean and still useful down pillows, comforters and feather beds. (We wash and dry them in our equipment.)

Destroying feather beds and down products does not enhance the life of any animal. In fact it denigrates their lives even more. We have chosen to continue to use these products until replacing them due to wear or until we give them to staff to use them in their homes.

Adhering to a philosophy to the extent that it trivializes the gifts of animals to our lives is just wrong.

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This article was written by stanford